Rancilio Bottomless Portafilter (58mm)


This is a branded 58mm bottomless (blind) portafilter, designed to fit all Rancilio machines. Naked portafilters are an excellent training tool, as it’s a great way to monitor your espresso extraction, showing a clear visual of your shot, highlighting any distribution and tamping issues.

As naked portafilters have no lower casing, they can also accommodate much larger baskets (such as IMS 26.5 / 28.5, VST 22g or Strada 21g), and therefore larger doses of coffee. They also look great in action.

If you’re looking for ways to improve extraction on a Rancilio Silvia, this is one of the key elements, alongside a precision basket.

Please note: this product comes with a generic triple shot basket in the portafilter. It is not a precision basket such as IMS, Strada or VST, so please buy this separately if you require a higher spec basket.

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Weight: 434g Fitting: 58mm Brand: Rancilio


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