Hazelnut Cream Drip Filter Bag


  • Tasting Notes: Hazlenut, Dairy / Cream
  • Body: Medium body
  • Acidity: Medium acidity
  • Roast: Medium (City+)

These beans are infused with the Nuttiness of roasted Hazelnut and the luscious taste of cream in a special process that can only be made in small batches. We infused Hazelnut and cream with a specific blend of Coffee beans that was specially made to pair nicely with the taste of Hazelnut. Simply brew it as you would your normal coffee and enjoy a coffee that’s packed full of Hazelnut cream aromas and flavours. The coffee comes packed in our high-quality drip filter bags so you can enjoy an easy and delicious cup of coffee

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Using a special process, we are able to infuse strong flavours and aromas straight into the coffee beans. This allows you to get flavoured coffee without having to use any flavourings and syrups of your own! We then grind it to the perfect coarseness to all you to extract the flavour to its fullest potential with our drip filter bags


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