Honduran Organic Certified Villa Nueva


  • Tasting Notes: Milk chocolate, sweet brioche, citrus, buttery, eucalyptus
  • Body: Medium body
  • Acidity: Mild – Medium acidity
  • Roast: Medium (City+)
  • Variety: Lempira, IH90, Catuai, Parainema
  • Process: Washed
  • Organic certified

228 coffee producers and their families started working and selling coffee under the name Cooperativea Agricola Union y Fuerza (CAUFUL) in 1975.

In the same year as when they were officially recognized as a cooperative (2002), they purchased a nearly 70-acre farm and began taking care of it.

The group shares two de-pulpers and dries coffee both in the sun and in the mechanical dryers in a nearby town. Our suppliers have been working closely with CAUFUL farmers on their processes to give each coffee a long, flavorful life.


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La Paz, Marcala
Growing Altitude
1,000-1,550 masl
Arabica Variety
Lempira, IH90, Catuai, Parainema
Harvest Period
December – April
Milling Process
sweet and herbal
Milk chocolate, sweet brioche, citrus, buttery and herbal
Medium, smooth finish
mild acidity

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125 Gram, 250 Gram, 500 Gram, 1 Kilogram

Grind size

Wholebean, Turkish, Espresso, Pour Over (V60 / Aeropress / Kalita), Paper Filter, Metal Filter, Medium Course (Chemex / Clever), French Press Percolator/ Moka Pot, Cold Brew


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