Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy


  • Tasting Notes: Black cherry, lemon, anise, molasses, sun-dried tomato and notes of caramel
  • Body: Medium body
  • Acidity: Low acidity
  • Roast: Medium (City)
  • Variety: –
  • Process: Unique

Kona coffee is the market name for Arabica coffee cultivated on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa in the North and South Kona district of the big island of Hawaii. Only coffee from the Kona district can be considered Kona coffee. The fertile volcanic soil makes it the perfect environment to cultivate coffee.

Kona Coffees have built a reputation as the world’s highest quality. Using age-old processes dating back centuries and incorporating the latest in state of the art technology, our coffee consistently delivers a superior coffee with an unforgettable, mellow flavor.

Unlike most harvesting methods where cherries are mass harvested at different levels of ripeness, each bean is individually hand-picked at peak ripeness. These cherries are only at this prime level of ripeness for a few days before it is no longer ripe.


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Most coffee beans are Sun-dried which can be a unpredictable process that can take anywhere from 5 days to 3 weeks depending on conditions. Not only that, this process introduces molds and mildews which can be negative to the quality of coffee. Other “higher quality” coffee use mechanical drying, but this comes with the risk of overcooking or contaminating the end product.

Our beans uses a combination of both mechanical and sun drying that gives the best of both worlds. It is Sun-dried initially as certain chemical processes occur during this process that enhances the quality of the beans. The beans then finish drying using low temperature dehydration. The two part process ensures consistency and retention of quality. Finally, a aging process in a climate-controlled environment is used to give the coffee a unique mellow and rich taste.


Extra Fancy Type 1 – 19

Type 2 – 13

8 9 – 12% uniform, green
Fancy Type 1 – 18

Type 2 – 12

12 9 – 12% uniform, green
Number 1 Type 1 – 16

Type 2 – 10

18 9 – 12% uniform,green
Select Optional(May be specified) 5% 9 – 12% ——–
Prime Optional(May be specified) 20% 9 – 12% ——–
Hawaii No. 3 ——– 35% 9 – 12% ——–

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Bag size

125 Gram, 250 Gram, 500 Gram, 1 Kilogram

Grind size

Wholebean, Turkish, Espresso, Pour Over (V60 / Aeropress / Kalita), Paper Filter, Metal Filter, Medium Course (Chemex / Clever), French Press Percolator/ Moka Pot, Cold Brew


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